Samsung Series 4 Dual Cook NV7B44205AS Wifi Connected Built In Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated

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If the in-laws are coming over for dinner, you can cook to impress with this Samsung single oven. It’s got plenty of room and because it’s multifunctional, you’ll have loads of ways to get creative in the kitchen. Plus, thanks to the clever air sous vide feature that monitors the temperature, that beef joint you’ve bought will be so tender and delicious that even the pickiest in-law can’t fault it. Making pudding in advance? No problem – with nifty Dual Cook you can create two oven spaces, so you can get the crumble going at the same time as the main. Easy. And don’t worry if any of that yummy filling bubbles over, as the handy catalytic liners absorb grease and make cleaning a breeze.


Full flexibility with the divider splitting the space

Take the hassle out of family dinners with Dual Cook Flex™. The hinged door gives you the option to use the entire oven or just the top half, without disturbing what’s cooking below. Combined with the handy oven divider, you can set separate temperatures for both cavities. This means that even if you have a mix of vegetarians and meat-eaters at home, you’ll be able to prepare delicious dishes for everyone, without any complaints.


Cook healthier meals with steam

Lock in moisture for tasty results: With the natural steam function, you can say goodbye to dried out meals. Just pop the special tray on the bottom of the oven with some water – it’ll produce steam while dinner’s cooking, leaving that roast chicken with crispy skin and irresistibly juicy meat. So, you can enjoy delicious meals every time, and the best part is, you get to take all the credit.


Burns off grease for an easy clean

Keeping your Samsung oven pristine is easy thanks to the Pyrolytic cleaning feature included on this model. All you need to do is select the function using the simple control panel and it’ll start-up its self-cleaning mode. The inside is then super-heated to burn away grease and food residue, leaving a pile of ash that can be quickly wiped away. So you’ll never have to scrub your oven again and can spend more time relaxing.