Dyson V15SUBMARINE Detect Submarine Wet & Dry cleaner - Yellow/Nickel

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Dyson’s powerful vacuum cleaner now washes hard floors. The V15SUBMARINE features three cleaner heads for whole-home cleaning – simply switch between them for complete flexibility. Choose the Submarine wet roller head to wash hard floors with clean water from start to finish while the Fluffy Optic cleaner head detects dust particles you can’t see. Plus, the Digital Motorbar sucks up dust and hair from all floor types without getting tangled. Spinning up to 125,000rpm, the Hyperdymium motor delivers strong suction and a deep clean. And, the advanced seven-cell battery provides fade-free power for up to 60 minutes. Complete with three additional tools, a docking station, and a charger, this wet and dry vacuum cleaner from Dyson is the perfect choice for busy homes.