AEG mbe2658sem built in 45cm tall microwave

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Add more cooking options to your kitchen with the AEG MBE2658SEM Built-in Solo Microwave.

From heating a bowl of soup to defrosting those leftovers from the freezer, you can prepare a wide range of meals with ease. Save your most frequently used settings as a favourite function to get started quickly. There's also a touch-activated door that opens with just a tap.

When it comes to cleaning, the sleek design can easily be wiped clean to keep the microwave looking pristine.


Added cooking flexibility
Designed to co-ordinate with your traditional AEG oven, widening the range of cooking options available, and providing extra oven space.
All it takes is a touch to open the microwave
The microwave oven has been designed with an electronic, touch-activated door. This means that it opens with just a tap. Providing quick and convenient access to what is inside.
Instant access to customised functions
Instant access to customised functions
Frequently used microwave settings can be saved and accessed quickly with the favourite functions. Once a customised programme has been set, simply activate it via the star-shaped icon. No need to remember the exact settings each time. It's convenience, at a touch.
A sleek design for quick cleaning
Cleaning is at its most convenient with this microwave oven. Its sleek design means that there is nowhere for dirt to get stuck. No buttons. Just a smooth glass surface. Ensuring a spotless finish every single time.
Defrost food quickly and efficiently
Frozen flavours are unlocked quickly with the microwave oven's defrost function. Select the food type and the weight. The microwave will start after automatically calculating the time required. This ensures fast results while preserving the taste and texture of every ingredient.

  • litre capacity
  • Defrosting Programmes
  • Clock & Timer
  • Audible End Signal
  • Child lock
  • Anti-fingerprint stainless steel
  • Supplied with instruction book with cooking chart
  • Glass turntable