AEG KME761080M 59.5cm Built In CombiQuick Combination Microwave compact oven - Stainless Steel

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Available in stainless steel, this AEG combination microwave oven has a large capacity, EXCite touch controls and seven cooking functions. You’ll be able to cook all sorts of meals for your family quickly and easily.

Cooking Made Simple

Gone are the days when the microwave was only used to cook baked beans and reheat leftovers. The KME761080M CombiQuick oven is the faster way to achieve exceptional flavours and exciting dishes, combining fan cooking with the speed of a microwave. It has numerous functions that will have you creating delicious food all in a single appliance.

In addition to the seven cooking functions, there are 90 pre-programmed auto settings which take the hard work out of mealtimes. Choose from menus such as Bread Baking, Dough Proving, Frozen, Slow Cooking, True Fan Cooking, Pizza, Turbo Grilling, Conventional cooking and many more.

Combine the power of a grill and the efficiency of a microwave with Fast Cooking. Melt mozzarella-topped toasties, or harden a crème Brulé’s sugared lid, all in this model. The highly efficient grill takes less time than a traditional oven and will toast, crisp, and brown your food to perfection.

AEG’s KME761080M also features the new convection system, Hot Air. This clever technology circulates hot air evenly throughout the oven cavity, ensuring your food is cooked evenly. Plus, as this oven heats up quickly, you can reduce temperatures by up to 20%, saving you both time and energy.

Easy to Use

The EXCite Touch Display provides access to a wide variety of oven functions to suit every dish. It also makes it easy to adjust oven temperature and timings.

A large 43-litre capacity provides plenty of space for cooking for the whole family and the bulb light makes it easy to check on your food. Use the programmable timer for precise cooking results while the quadruple glazed glass door adds a touch of style to your kitchen.

Food spills and the odd soup explosion can make cleaning the microwave an often necessary chore. Thankfully, this AEG model comes with an enamel interior, so you can simply wipe off any food or grease with a soft, damp cloth.