Indesit Built in microwave oven: stainless steel colour - MWI 125 GX UK 38cm

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Auto Cook

The innovative cooking solution, simply select the food category you want to cook and let your microwave do the rest. Auto Cook will automatically set head and cooking time while you sit back and relax.


The automatic EasyWarm button is perfect for heating baby milk or beverages at just the touch of a button


For quickly cooking and gratinating dishes, combining the microwave and grill functions.


An LCD display combined with flush user interface with touch sensors, to easy interact with the microwave with a perfect feeling.


Allow the user to easy reheat/cook with just one push, no time waste anymore: start cooking at maximum power for 30” with just one push.

Quartz Grill

Enhancing heat levels in your microwave, letting you brown to a great finish, the Quartz Grill will also carbonise food residue making it a fantastic self-cleaning feature too.