Rangemaster PROPL60EISS/C Professional Plus Electric Induction Cooker

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The Rangemaster PROPL60EISS/C electric cooker comes in a stylish stainless steel finish so it will look impressive in any kitchen setting. With a terrific 69 litre main oven, a 4 zone induction hob and a fantastic A rating for energy efficiency, the PROPL60EISS/C is an impressive cooker.

Oven Type

The PROPL60EISS/C has a 69 litre main oven which is equipped with catalytic cleaning, so no matter how much you’re cooking or how much mess you make inside the oven, cleaning it is an absolute doddle! Electric ovens offer you more control over the oven temperature so it is easier to distribute the heat around the cavity.

Hob Type

The PROPL60EISS/C has 4 cooking zones giving you plenty of cooking space for your pans. Induction hobs are quicker than other types of hob, and are cheaper to run because they use only the precise amount of energy you need. They are also very easy to clean if you happen to make a mess whilst cooking.

Induction hobs only work when they are being used with compatible pans. Any ferrous metal pan can be used when cooking with induction, which you can check by seeing if the pan is attracted to a magnet. However if you want to achieve the best cooking performance from an induction hob you should invest in the best quality induction pans that you can afford.

Energy Rating

The oven on the PROPL60EISS/C has been awarded an impressive A energy efficiency rating, so it won’t cost much to run at all. The energy ratings for electric ovens range from A+++ to D, with A+++ being the most energy efficient.


This induction cooker comes with a 2 years parts and labour warranty from Rangemaster so you can be confident of its quality and reliability as well as being reassured that your cooker will serve you well for a long time to come.

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