Liebherr GP1476 60cm Freestanding Undercounter Freezer – WHITE

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This undercounter 60cm freezer from Liebherr is both convenient and versatile. It offers an impressive 103 litres of space, whilst being only 85cm high. It comes with an intelligent SmartFrost system: it freezes food faster, and reduces ice build-up, making the defrosting process simpler and quicker. The Automatic SuperFrost function preserves your foods’ vital vitamins, quickly reducing the temperature to -32°C to prevent nutrients being lost. Complete with FrostSafe drawers and reversible doors, this Liebherr freezer will give you reliable freezing for years to come.



Compared to other static freezers, Liebherr’s SmartFrost technology freezes food faster, and reduces ice build-up, making defrosting simpler and quicker. It also provides a more flexible storage area with greater capacity and improved energy consumption for lower running costs.

Automatic SuperFrost function

The automatic SuperFrost function makes freezing simple and saves energy. It quickly reduces the temperature to -32 °C and thus creates the cold air required to preserve vital vitamins. As soon as the food is completely frozen, the automatic SuperFrost function switches back to normal mode after max. 65 hours, and thus assists in saving electricity.

Child lock

The child lock is programmed so as to prevent the appliance being inadvertently switched off.A symbol in the MagicEye indicates when the child lock is switched on.


With the FrostSafe, the extra-high and removable drawers are closed all round. This means that the cold cannot dissipate so quickly when the appliance is opened. The transparent front of the compartments guarantees an optimum overview of the frozen items.


All freezers with NoFrost and SmartFrost feature drawers and intermediate glass shelves underneath them which can be conveniently removed.This results in VarioSpace – the practical system for extra storage space so that space can be created quickly even for larger frozen food items.

Reversible door hinges

It is possible to change the door hinge on the appliance. The reversible door hinges permit optimum use of the appliance wherever it is located.