Hotpoint H3X 81I SX Fridge Freezer - Satin Stainless Steel

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Dimensions (mm)
1912 (H) x 596 (W) x 678 (D)

Active Fresh

This clever technology quickly restores temperature and humidity for optimal food preservation. 

Electronic Control

Electronic Control.

Energy class F

Energy savings are ensured at energy class F.

LED Lighting

Brighten up the contents of your fridge. Bright LED lighting illuminates the interior of your fridge so you can see everything clearly.

Multicool Flow

Constant airflow for a stable temperature. MultiCool Flow evenly distributes cool air inside of the fridge and freezer to give constant and uniform flow of air, keeping food temperature stable.

Total No Frost

No soggy salads and never defrost your fridge and freezer again. Total No Frost technology constantly circulates air around both the fridge and freezer so moisture can't build up, which means no soggy salads and no ice build up, so you'll never have to defrost your fridge or freezer.